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Stunninig Male celebrities
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Welcome to Mantalent


We need more members so feel free to join, and tell all of your friends.

Mantalent is a new journal I created to show case hot and sexy male celebrities, that's it really!! ...good reason I think!! This journal is a place where you can show off your work. To show case those beautiful male celebrities everyone likes. You can post any male celebrity you like. It's also where I show off my own art, icons, headers what ever it might be.


1. Graphics (headers, banners, friends only signs and layouts) have to be MALE CELEBRITIES only, if not your post will be deleted.
2. No requests
3. Always CREDIT if artist asks, never STEAL, DUPLICATE or REDISTRIBUTE in any way or you'll be banned.
4. To see the posts in this journal you have to first become a friend.
5. All posts will be approved before posted.
6. Respect each other.
7. Have fun posting most of all.
8. Tell your friends about my new community mantalent
9. Icons can contain a female if there is a male present. New


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